Property transfers

Complete the transfer of any property and cash payments to settle financial matters with your former partner.

It’s common for consent orders or binding financial agreements to include a transfer of real estate, often in exchange for a cash payment.

It makes sense to sign the transfer papers at the same time as signing the application for consent orders or binding agreement.

How we can help

Once your agreement is finalised we will complete the transfer of property and any cash payments.

Estate Planning

Family law property transfer
Seller* $440 / Buyer* $660 / Both parties $990

We will complete the transfer of the property pursuant to consent orders or a Binding Financial Agreement and liaise with any lenders involved to repay or refinance existing loans or arrange new secured loans.  The fee quoted is per property.

Our fixed fee includes (as applicable):

  • preparing a draft Transfer of Land document (Transfer) and attending to payment of transfer duty;
  • arranging for you and your partner to sign the Transfer and complete Landgate’s verification of identity process; and
  • liaising with your financier and existing mortgagee to attend settlement, complete Landgate registration and any payment required at settlement.

Our fixed fee excludes:

  • transfer duty ($20) and Landgate title search fee ($26.70) and registration fee ($178.20);
  • services associated with any delay in settlement on the part of your financier or other parties;
  • locating or arranging production of any certificate of title.

We can give you a quote for any of these additional services.

* Buyer means the person receiving the property (transferee) and seller means the person transferring the property (transferor).

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