Benefit from our experience

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Resolution Family Law is a service of lawyers Birman & Ride. With 35 years of service to the community, Birman & Ride is one of Western Australia’s most experienced yet innovative law firms.

How to divorce

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In Western Australia, married parties are divorced as soon as the Family Court of Western Australia court makes a decree of divorce. You can apply to the court together (joint application) or by yourself (sole application).

Resolution is what we’re about

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Separation is usually a stressful and emotional experience – you won’t get through it without pain. We suggest you follow our advice on these pages to minimise the misery and the expense.  We offer fixed priced advice consultations and fixed fees for many common family law services.

Is your relationship really over?

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There’s no point in dismantling your life if there is a reasonable prospect of reconciliation. Separation is a major crisis in anyone’s life. It may take some time to come to terms with the separation and adjust to your new circumstances.

You don’t need an aggressive lawyer

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There are really only two ways to resolve family law matters, the easy way and the hard way.

The easy way is relatively quick, inexpensive and usually involves drawing up an agreement after both parties have had advice and a period of negotiation. The hard way is always slow, expensive, stressful and usually involves the Family Court.

Family law myths, busted

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When it comes to family matters, well-meaning friends and family will be a rich source of advice – advice you probably should not rely on. Here we set the record straight on the top five pieces of advice given by bush-lawyers.